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The Trans-sab transport company has been operating successfully since 2007. While dealing with our company you will experience the upmost professionalism and reliability in the services we provide, Thanks to passionate employees the company develops year by year. Our experience allows us to provide the highest level of service and in turn counts for quality and customer satisfaction thereby building long lasting relationships based on mutual trust. The transportation services we provide on international routes such as: Great Britain, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany cover the following:
  • Full load
  • partial load
  • Transportation of hazardous materials. Our vehicles fulfil all the standard requirements of transporting this category of goods.
For the security of shipments Trans-sab vehicles are equipped with GPS transmitters. Thanks to this loads always reach the place safely and on time.

We aim to minimize the costs incurred by the customer by maintaining the highest standards and the safety of the shipment.

We look forward to cooperating with you!

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